• Get Shamrocked 2016!

    We are stoked to be a part of this year’s Get Shamrocked festival! We’re playing Saturday, 9/24 and will have our new record and some new merch designs available just in time for the fest. Hit us up for tickets. Don’t miss California’s biggest and best Irish music festival!


    On Thursday, 9/24, we are playing with the one and only DEATH BY STEREO!! Not only will this be one of the best shows of the year, it will also be the ONLY opportunity to get a FREE physical copy of our acoustic EP. This 5-song release will be limited to 300 hand-numbered copies, only availble at this show, so do not miss this one. Tickets availble here.

  • Tahoe and Truckee

    We had another epic weekend in our new home away from home, Lake Tahoe. Huge thank you to Curt Sterner and Pete from Red Bull Tahoe, without whom these shows would not have happened. Also thanks to our new friends in Actors Killed Lincoln, who tore it up, and of course to Dave Copp, who stepped up and was a beast on drums. And finally, thanks to all the people who came out and sang and danced with us, you were awesome. We'll see you soon... 

    Here's a few pics from the weekend.

  • House of Blues

    HUGE thanks to everyone who came out to the House of Blues last night, we had an amazing time and were blown away by the support. Thanks as always to all the great bands we shared the stage with, and to Gig Boss for making this show a success every year.

  • Back in the Studio

    Day 1 of the new record began last night! Josh and Jeff laid down scratch tracks, and drum tracking with Ivan will follow suit. 

    We've put a ton of work into writing and pre-production, and are excited to finally be tracking. More updates to come!